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Wallace Seymour Soft Pastels

Hand made in the Yorkshire Dales. Each pastel stick is formed by hand and then air-dried. The resultant pastel stick is soft, velvety, revealing the intensity of the pigments used in manufacture. Because the pastels are hand-formed, cavities between the dried particles are retained, maximising the intensity of each colour when expressed onto the pastel painting surface. Extruded (machine-made) pastels tend to compress the pigment particles and are thus less responsive. WS Soft Pastels can be applied to any art paper but work best with WS Pastel Primer, which has a very slight tooth, allowing the pigment particles to break on the surface in a subtle way. Pastel Primer also reduces the need for fixing.

WS Soft pastels are available in a core range of 84 key colours, comprising all the standard colours one would expect, plus many unique earth and plant based colours. In addition, WS offer a supplementary assortment of more than 250 colours, which are available on request.

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