Wallace Seymour Grand Tour 18C Watercolour Disc Set

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    Another fascinating, unique product from Pip Seymour. 18th Century Watercolour Disc set, with a palette inspired by the "The Grand Tour", a trip around Europe many artists and aspiring artists would make in the 18th Century.

    Hand-made watercolour cakes, prepared with historic & hand-dug pigments, gum arabic, gum tragancanth & honey. Formed by hand and left to air dry into small round discs.

    Contains the following colours:
    Gamboge Natural
    Oxford Ochre
    Oxford Bluestone 
    Davy's Grey (Natural from Oxfordshire)
    Madder Lake Natural
    Cinnabar (Monte Amiata, Tuscany, Italy)
    Vemilion Genuine
    Bloodstone Grey (Lapis/Haematite/Davy's Grey)
    Malachite (Copper Carbonate)
    Indigo (Natural from India)
    Azurite (Copper Carbonate)
    Lapiz Lazuli (Afghanistan)

    Brand : Pip Seymour

    Condition : New