IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING THE COVID-19 OUTBREAK. Due to current restrictions in place our high street shop in Stockport is currently closed until further notice. We hope to continue trading online, but as the majority of our business comes from our physical shop, this may not be feasible in the long run. Our website will be offline for a couple of days until we work out the logistics of running the business in these trying times, but hope to be back soon. Any queries please call 0161 480 4713. Thank you for your understanding, and please... stay home and stay safe..

Resins, Powders & Waxes

We stock a comprehensive range of wax, gums, powders and resins for use in the manufacture of your own painting mediums, paints, grounds and other media. All are supplied by either Cornelissen of London, or Pip Seymour Fine Art Products.

Bulk sizes are available as a special order item for all products. Please get in touch for pricing and lead times.