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Pigments & Paint Making

We stock equipment and materials for making your own paints & mediums. Whether you are a seasoned paintmaker, or a beginner looking to have a go, then we'll have what you need. We stock a large range of artists dry pigments from Pip Seymour Fine Art Products and L. Cornelissen, as well as a range of gums, resins and waxes. We also stock paintmaking equipment, such as glass mullers, slabs and a range of other sundries and books.

Pip Seymour's ready prepared pigment binding mediums for oil, acrylic & watercolour make having a go at making your own paints incredibly simple. Just choose the appropriate medium, and combine with the pigments of your choice. Making your own paint is deeply satsifying, and gives the artist a better understanding of where the materials we use day in, and day out, come from.

Our staff can offer great advice on any aspect of paintmaking, so please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.